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V S James Brown Special
December 29, 2016 10:39 AM PST
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No party is complete without the "Godfather of Soul", no?


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90s; Intelligent D&B Jungle Mixtape
December 29, 2016 09:32 AM PST
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Several weeks ago I came across a box of my old cassette tapes, It was like finding a forgotten hidden Christmas present. While rummaging through the box, checking each cassette closely, I found a much loved 90s Intelligent D&B jungle mixtape....(Loaded with samples, e.g.; 'Black Polished Chrome - Jim Morrison & The Doors')....recorded back in 1999. It was played endlessly in the car for months. Eventually it snapped. Strangely (one of those ESP moments) a friend asked if I still had it (thanks PB). This was all the encouragement I needed to fix and digitize it. Enjoy!

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Sweet Soul
December 23, 2016 02:45 PM PST
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So, here we are, Christmas. I haven’t done a podcast for a few months due to illness.I'm recovering nicely so I thought I'd make the effort and do a little Sweet Soul mix.

Merry Christmas.



01 Ponderosa Twins + One - I Remember You
02 Jon Lucien - Would You Believe in me
03 Brenda Lee Eager - When I’m With You
04 The Five Stairsteps - You Waited Too Long
05 Jerry Butler - Aint Understanding Mellow
06 The Escorts - I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow
07 Bobby Womack - If You Think you’re Lonely Now
08 Younghearts - Do You Have The Time
09 The Independents - Leaving Me
10 The Five Stairsteps - Behind Curtains
11 Barbara Acklin - Love makes a Woman
12 Willie Hutch - Let’s Try It Over Again
13 The Honey Cone - Want Ads
14 Jealous Kind Of Fella - Garland Green
15 David Ruffin - I Let Love Slip Away
16 The Five Stairsteps - Little Boy Blue
17 Jerry Butler - I Need To Belong (To Someone)
18 The Green Berets - (Lord) Send Me Somebody
19 The Manhattans - It Feels So Good To Be Loved So Bad
20 The Lost Generation - Wait A Minute
21 WAR - All Day Music
22 Betty Swann - Make Me

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Rare Grooves 1974 – 1983
March 01, 2016 06:43 AM PST
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Rare Grooves 1974 - 1983

Hi, This Podcast is a smooth selection of soulful, slightly funky Rare Grooves from 1974 to 1983.
As always, constructive comments are most welcome. Enjoy!


* Aint No Time Fa Nothing - The Futures (1978)

* Try Love Again - Natural Four (1974)

* We Ought To Be Doing It - Randy Brown (1980)

* Spoiled – Ben E King (12inch 1978)

* Gemini Lady – Ron Henderson (1983)

* You Make Me Feel So Good Baby – Temprees (1974)

* Mellow Music – 9th Creation (1982)

* Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself – T.S. Monk (1980)

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PaSt x PrEsEnT
February 19, 2016 09:52 AM PST
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Periodically I check over my collection which for now is, unfortunately, in storage due to lack of space. While there, I select and swop over records and CDs with some of those I had taken out previously. Once home and Upon Listening, I’m reminded why I bought them in the first place. One day, procrastination aside, I must get around to digitising the whole Analog collection, hahaa, one day!

Paul St.John

Playlist & Links:

* Vibes - The Doppelgangaz. 2012
* Braggin Writes - J-Live (dome cracker mix - Remix - DJ Spinna - DJ Joc Max). 1996
* From Here To Wherever (feat. Fabe) - Walkin Large. 1995
* Think Twice - Encore & Peanut Butter Wolf. 1996
* Cleanse My Soul - Resolute (Prod by BBZ Darney - Cuts by DJ Kwestion of Jedi Mind Tricks). 2016
* Summer In The City – Bugseed. 2010
* Thanks Dude! (feat. Gala Ga) - Waju & Garimastah. 2014
* DOPPELGÄNGER - Qstn & Freddie Joachim. 2015
* One4Peter - Suff Daddy. 2013
* Cosmic Planets (Feat. Roughsoul) - Amin PaYnE. 2012
* Love Hz -Potatohead People. 2012
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Vibe Shack Guest Play List by Orion Anakaris
December 08, 2015 07:59 AM PST
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Orion is a London, UK based beatsmith and founder of the HardJazz7 Music Netlabel. Born in March 1990, he was raised on a wide variety of music including jazz, hip hop, disco, funk and soul. His parents got him into Gospel artists like Kirk Franklin, while Fela Kuti was his earliest introduction to Jazz leaning afrobeat music. In his early teens he’d found himself listening to alot of UK Garage and House music through pirate radio sets. Mini Discs, CD’s and Tapes were his initial formats of choice when listening to music. Some of which would prove useful when he started messing around with production on Ejay and an old PC.
Around 2007, learning Grime production had become of great interest to him, leading to production in Hip Hop a couple years later. “I always find there’s usefulness in honing both hardware and software production skills”. He founded the HardJazz7 Music Netlabel in 2012 at a time when Electronic and Experimental focused labels were some of the only options for new indie artists/DJ’s producing/creating/DJ'ing Neo-Soul music, Hip Hop music and Jazz leaning beats. Outside of music, he enjoys Sci Fi/Comic Book genre films and tv shows.
OrionAnakaris X KAZUMI KANEDA’s “Alpha Thought” EP is now available to buy digitally on Bandcamp. There will also be a rollout on iTunes, Amazon Music and other music outlets next year:

HardJazz7 Music Bandcamp http://tinyurl.com/pem8xjd

ORION ANAKARIS http://tinyurl.com/q4vczaw

Twitter https://twitter.com/OrionAnakaris

Twitter https://twitter.com/HardJazz7

Orion Vibe Shack Guest Playlist:

*Gagle - 聞えない (Instrumental)
*Willie The Kid - Twilight Freestyle
*Sumochief - 1of1 (Crème Remix)
*Faith Evans - Faithfully
*The S.O.S Band - Tell Me If You Still Care
*Frenza - Yo Yo Affair, Pts. 1-2
*Heather Victoria - What I Need (Ft. HaLo)
*Fat Jon - 624 Part 1
*The Midnight Eez - Digging In The Crates
*The Pharcyde - 4 Better Or 4 Worse
*Omar - The Man
*Che Lingo - Knock My Hustle
*Amerie - Nothing Like Loving You
*ILLSUGI - Foace
*Kan Sano - Dream In

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Vibe Shack Guest Mix by “Guillermo Chiapa”
January 15, 2015 06:34 PM PST
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Vibe Shack Guest Mix by “Guillermo Chiapa”

"This mix is something that got back logged,
lost in the "vaults" ha... it was started
about 5-6 years ago (2009 or 2010???),
meant as something to listen to while I
painted and as a gift to a friend that wanted
something fresh at the time.
Just some of my favourite artists splattered
around the audio-scape.

Little thought went into key as this isn't
a EDM set; it's the need to listen to something specific during a specific time. I'd highly recommend all of these artists to those that may have not heard one, some or all of them.

There was never a thought to make this public, here opportunity presents itself and I'd like to contribute it as a podcast for my man, Paul St. John! I hope y'all enjoy the result. It may not be your cup of tea; we can't please everyone all the time. It's not perfect and that makes it a human experience, reminding the listener that this is not the work of a robot or a perfectionist, not that there is anything wrong with that."

- Guillermo Chiapa (The Goodwill Projects)

"Do more, say less"

* Intro - various samples (handful of goodies)
* Brother Ali - us
* The roots - dear god
* Atmosphere - modern man's hustle
* Interview snippet - aceyalone
* L.a. symphony - timeless
* The roots ft. blu - day (Denzel Washington speaks)
* Mr. lif ft. bahamadia - breathe (sample: smashing pumpkins today)
* Cage - nothing left to say
* Gift of gab - rich man, poor man
* Outkast - da art of storytelling pt. II
* Lauryn hill - everything is everything
* Sage Francis + rockwilder - oh no it's a conspiracy to riot (Guillermo chiapa blend)
* Jurassic 5 - Freedom
* Aceyalone - Freedom Now
* B.O.B. ft. Haley Williams - airplanes
* Mos def + b.o.b - traveling man on an airplane (Guillermo chiapa blend)
* KRS One - step into our world
* Quannum + eazy e - quannum world in the hood (Guillermo chiapa blend)
* Pharcyde - runnin
* Aceyalone - guidelines
* Xzibit - what u see is what u get
* Pharoahe monch - Agent Orange
* Pearl jam - daughter
* Regina spektor - human of the year
* Smashing pumpkins - today
* The artist that shall not be named or it will get removed from the internet - prpl rn (without the vowels)
* Paul barman ft. Del, masta ace, c-rayz walz - moonlight
* 2pac "turn the f'n lights out"

Artwork by: Guillermo Chiapa.









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Vibe Shack - Soul & Rare Groove
September 27, 2014 05:25 AM PDT
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Soul music is about longevity
and reaching and touching people
on a human level,
and that's never going to get lost.
- Jill Scott


Mercury - LP by Darryl Reeves.

Submotion Orchestra.

Galactic Soul - LP by Natural Sequence.

Love Call - EP by Eric Lau & Tawiah

Cry Baby Soul - LP by The Wah Wah Collective


01) Paradise (Ft.Rasheeda Ali & Carmen Rodgers) - Darryl Reeves (2012)

02) 2L84U - Submotion Orchestra (2014)

03) After The Rain (ft.Ensilence) - Natural Sequence (2014)

04) Favourite Truth (feat. Kaidi Tatham) - Eric Lau & Tawiah (2014)

05) Conceptual Love (Radio Edit) - The Wah Wah Collective (2014)

06) The Shortest Distance - Willie Hutch (1970)

07) Your Love Has Me Locked Up - The Modulations (1975)

08) Concrete Reservation - Syl Johnson (1970)

09) These Foolish Things - James Brown (1974)

10) Just Another Reason - Donny Hathaway & June Conquest (1972)

11) Neighbor Neighbor - Marvin Holmes and Justice (1975)

12) Peace,Love not War - Johnny King and the Fatback Band (1968)

13) The Vulture - Labi Siffre (1975)

14) Summer of '73 - Marvin Holmes and Justice (1973)

15) That Won't Stop Me From Loving You - Jimmy Lewis (1974)

16) Black Balloons - Syl Johnson (1970)

17) So Hard To Laugh, So Easy To Cry - Lou Rawls (1966)

18) hurtin' - spanky wilson (1970)

19) Whos Gonna Take the Weight - Cane and Able (1971)

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Vibe Shack - A selection of soul, jazz & hip-hop
October 19, 2013 06:55 AM PDT
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For more info on these artists and links to there music, Check'em out on bandcamp, youtube, facebook, twitter.



*Tell Me Why (Radio Edit) - The Wah Wah Collective
*Traveles (ft.Mr.Moods) - Erik Jackson
*When I Ride - Skewby
*Antifreeze - Mr.Mattic
*Amanita - Versis & Bagir-Ba
*Whats Wrong With Groovin (ft. Patchworks) - The Funk League
*The Get Down - Erik Jackson
*1974 #55 (Instrumental) - John Wize
*Dedication (ft pHoenix Pagliacci), [Prod by Charisma] - J Shiltz
*Barista - Versis & Bagir-Ba
*Time - La Meodia
*Hip-Hop (ft. Perfect Eclipse, BrandNew, Mic Audio) - John Wize
*Sit Back (ft.Truthos Mufasa + Black Josh) - The Mouse Outfit
*Goodbye (ft. Phonte & Median) - J.R. & PH7
*Naima - Versis & Bagir-Ba
*Give Me Room (prod Anthony Accurate) - Martha Knuckles (Dillon & Boog Brown)
*We Gon (Ft. DJ Technic) - The Regiment & Confidence

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Vibe Shack - Jazz, part one.
September 20, 2013 07:33 PM PDT
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A musician must make music,an artist
must paint,a poet must write, if he
is to be ultimately at peace with
— Abraham Maslow

One of my vices is "Jazz".
It's a sound strong in improvisations
on basic chords, flexible, sophisticated,
harmonic and pleasing to the ear.
jazz music takes your inner self on journey's
to the outer edges, of your mindscape.

Enjoy, peace!


*Real Good Hands - Gregory Porter
*Song For My Father (Horace Silver) - V.A.
*Nasty Stuff - Reva DeVito
*Strangest Consequences - Enrico Pieranunzi
*Lord Sideways
*Ways and Means - Rachel Brotman
*Human nature (trio extension)
*Sun Bath - Woody Shaw
*Un Oeil - GiuLiano
*When Did You Learn - Gregory Porter
*Jam In Pink - Janelle Reichman
*My Funny Valentine - Juliette
*Piece of Art - Buddy Sativa
*Bling Bling - Gregory Porter

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